John Kuykendall's new Book "The Science of Christian Mysticism"

Salutations to the Divinity within you and thank you for your interest in my book "Evolution of Consciousness".  Please don't buy it at this time as I am going to Asia for two months and won't be able to send it, but the good news is when I return I am going to put publish it on Amazon as a ebook, which will be cheaper. I wrote another book "The Science of Christian Mysticism" which I feel is a good book to read before reading "Evolution of Consciousness" It is on Amazon now as an ebook with a hundred more pages and is cheaper. Enjoy your journey and growth as a human being as you go deeper within.    John Kuykendall


"The Science of Chrsitian Mysticism"

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Evolution of Consciousness
The book Evolution of Consciousness succeeds on two fronts it is an easily accessible guide to achieving spiritual consciousness and a guide to live in the present.