Christ Consciousness is Love

God would not leave a seeker of the truth without truth because it is God that impels the seeking and cares for our every need. God impels seeking through love, not fear that is why he sent us his son and Christ Consciousness. When one becomes aware of Christ Consciousness, one falls in love with everything, everyone and God Himself. God is not separate from anything; He is the Life of our life, the Reality within our own reality and the Soul within our being. Christ consciousness leads us to the pure consciousness of Our Father. Jesus had a pure mind so his actions were pure and with the replication between Christ Consciousness and our own consciousness we can become better at living a pure life. This is the bringing of our own minds and wills into agreement with Christ Consciousness, a consciousness where we experience God and get submerged in the loving will of God. It starts us on a journey toward a new consciousness where Christ Consciousness purifies the mind so it becomes free, not worried, and unattached. Christ Consciousness shows us the way to pure consciousness because it doesnít want its own way, but the Lordís way. Christ said, ďLord let Thy Will be done."

We can change our lives by becoming aware of our unity with Christ and his consciousness and the infinite possibilities that await us, but first, every new stage in life requires us to part from the previous one. Childhood gives rise to youth as it develops into adulthood. Our minds expand after a temporary stay at different stages to do away with ignorance in order to approach God where the only medium between our minds and His Pure Conscousness is our thoughts. As we bring ourselves to a greater consciousness, positive life affirming beliefs are accepted and negative thoughts and problems disappear as we express more love, peace, joy, wisdom and harmony with everything that flows unceasingly from God, but many hesitate to venture into the unknown. We tend to cling to the familiar in life, even if we are not happy. That is why Jesus preached with parables because the parable translates the abstract into terms the mind can grasp. Christ Consciousness is above reason but not against it, if the abstract pure consciousness of God the Father can first be translated into terms that the mind can understand people will learn to sense what is expressed. Christ consciousness and reason are friends, not enemies so we should be open to new ideas because we can always reject what we consider false and concede to the truth. Christ consciousness is to help people and make their lives better.

The more we are aware of God working in and through everything, especially within ourselves, the more Godís presence can replace prior limitations and disharmonies with good. Our minds will act on the new ideas that are formed and form a new, more positive belief and attitude. The deep understanding present in Christ Consciousness sees the good of God everywhere and always present. This shift in attitude brings greater freedom; peace and joy so old worries are given up, freeing the mind and replacing old ideas with the knowledge that everything we need is available and good. Recognizing Christ Consciousness, love and unity with God pulls into our life more success than one ever-dreamed possible. Christ Consciosness serves creativity. It tells us what to buy, where to meet and which ideas supplement a project we need to accomplish. It serves inspiration with sudden anwers to problems that plaque us. It brings light into our life because it is the presence of Our Lord. How remarkable to find what we always needed was always there guiding us from within the seat of our soul.


A book filled with more wisdom about Christ Consciousness that is thought-provoking is "Evolution of Consciousness".