Christian Mysticism Workshop or retreat

  The workshop presents the Christian ideals of unity with one God and tolerance for all humans.  It bridges the gap that exists between Christians and non-Christians by examining human relationships to the material world. Beginning with the knowledge of our oneness with a God that is everywhere, we open up and build on a new concept of life, which helps form a new humanity on the individual and community levels. The workshop utilizes exercises in raising the consciousness to help individuals find collective peace to transcend biological evolution and augment spiritual evolution. We will cross-traditional boundaries with rational explanations of the Holy Trinity and evolution. The philosophy of unity, theology and science can help us to better understand the meaning of man, a solution to anxiety.
There will always be time to answer questions that might arise in the workshop. Christian Mysticism brings us to unity and enables us to function at a much higher level physically, mentally and spiritually because it eliminates fear from the body and doubts from the mind. The questions can be answered to enhance spiritual development and the Christian mystical Experience.










The presenter, John Kuykendall lived as a monk and has some refreshing ideas on Christianity. He is author of the book titled "Evolution of Consciousness" which merits serious and quality attention.  With Christian wisdom, philosophy and spiritual psychology the book expands understanding to go beyond the limitations in the religious concepts presented today to calm and ground your mind and initiate deep internal healing. With the ability to change our lives for the better "Evolution of Consciousness" is a journey towards unity and a new way of living. Its uniqueness lies in its psychospiritual development where religion and science strengthen each other's belief to provide the highest level of health and well being because they are both concerned with what is true.

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John Joseph Kuykendall 2010