Ecumenism is the promotion of unity and cooperation between distinct religious groups and denominations in Christianity and in the larger sense the unity among all religions worldwide. Jesus modeled this by associating with all people and castes. He shows us unity by showing us the silent witness inside that sees the Divine and Beloved in everyone's eyes.  He was not interested in converting people to his way of thinking or selling real estate in heaven, but to guide people who were ready to go deeper into themselves and the spiritual experience of unity. The spiritual experience can't be taught, but Jesus offered a way to the experience, where God's pure consciousness could be felt. Jesus showed a path to the ocean of God's pure consciousness, a journey of transformation to be in harmony. His consciousness takes us beyond the world to an ocean more real than the world of senses. Yes, the Kingdom of heaven where the world of opposites, good and bad does not grow. Jesus cuts through the nonsense that people use to offend, condemn and separate people to comfort the offender and the people offended.  He showed us how to watch our own minds and not to judge other minds. The pairs of opposites, good and evil hold us to the shore while Jesus shows us the ocean of pure consciousness, which is the way to the other side beyond the pair of opposites. Jesus told us parables, because one cannot tell people or describe what it is like in heaven beyond the mind in the ocean of pure consciousness. Christ consciousness leads us to it, but it is up to us to dive in to see for ourselves.  Jesus does not tell us what to do. He takes us to the edge of possibilities and we choose to dive in or not. He does not seek us out, but assist us when we are ready.

There are many advantages to having a sanctuary within where one can retreat at any time to an ocean of pure consciousness where one is introduced again and again to the joy and peace of pure love.  It is in a state of love where one attains a higher awareness and a spiritual experience in the here and now.  The higher states of mind exist along side the lower dimensions, but the higher levels are more loving, creative, and inclusive. The Divine wisdom not to judge those that judge and not to exclude those that exclude others comes from the higher layers of the mind. This spirituality is first experienced within then that person sees the divinity within every other person. This witnessing of Divinity is pure love in the here and now. ´┐ŻLove your neighbor as yourself."

First, one witnesses the love inside then in others because one can't give love unless one has love. Love is a positive force with a purpose in the core of everyone's heart. It gives a spacious, free quality to the mind because it is without restriction and accepts without judgment. It is not trapped in the mind because it is witnessing the mind in spirit. Observing the workings of the mind does not impede it in anyway, but makes it sharper. The silent witness watching thoughts rise and fall on the ocean of pure consciousness soon dives deep within where everything is calm and at peace.  We can't get rid of other people with their judgments and condemnations, but we can go beyond them. Self-love is self-accepting beyond the physical in joy, peace and harmony, a mind that that is efficient and aware. There is no way to this love and happiness because love and happiness is the way, but the art of witnessing the mind can enable us to use every activity of body, mind , and spirit to aid us on this path of love.