Are Science and Religion compatible?

     "Science and religion were not meant to live alone in isolation, divorced from each other so tear down the barricades that divide them because faith and reason are meant to live happily together. Reason does not destroy faith, but fulfills it so we can use our intelligence as a path to spiritual awareness and when our intellect can say no more, our instinctive spiritual view of life will take over. This provides us with a kind of intuitive perception of God as He is reflected in creation......
     Let the scientists and the Christians go on developing methods to understand the universe because with their discoveries and inventions we can split apart the physical and spiritual sides of life and gain knowledge because the more we know of the individual things, the more we know of the whole. The relationship between our human nature, the world and the beyond is made understandable, as we perceive that life is a relative and intricate part of an undivided whole.  We just have to be careful not to get engulfed by the particular things and lose sight of the total picture."   Taken from the book “Evolution of Consciousness"  by John Kuykendall

If God Is Unity and Love, What About other Religions?

     Unity is love so emphasis on religious differences, race or intolerance rather than the unity of God is a strange god indeed and can be a challenge for us to overcome so we need to invoke the unity of God in all things. Jesus said, "Love thy neighbor as thyself," because it provides an effective answer to the many problems of modern life. This call for love tells us that we are united and that no other person is separate or apart in God's spiritual consciousness. Recognizing that we are all one in God's consciousness gives us full protection in His unity by integrating our individual life with the world around us and providing a basic harmony and equilibrium in our hearts and minds. This is a kind of insurance from the flood of negativity surrounding us because a relaxed mind and body is positive, priceless and an indestructible way to receive successful ideas and results. Christian mysticism is one way to rest in God and His Unity.

Can We Have Unity with Everyone?

     Christ taught us that God is love, and we saw a sample of it in his compassion and suffering for the mediocre sinners in this world. Through Christ a new concept of God emerged because prior to him most people feared God. This teaching of love is more demanding and more important than his other lessons because it is the main belief of all Christians. I believe that Christ consciousness or the nature of Christ will come to all those who understand the meaning of love. Love maintains our sense of unity with a presence and power that is greater than what we think we are.

Shouldn't We Fear Other Religions?

     I believe Jesus is my savior so I am not afraid of other religions. The first commandment is: “I am the Lord they God and thou shall not have strange Gods before Me.” This is the basis for the conviction that there is only one God, a belief that leads to the knowledge of unity, which once accomplished influences and helps us in our daily lives. There is only one God appearing before us, and this one God is for everyone embodying the secrets for successful living. In the awareness of God’s omnipresence we realize that God is all pervading and always present so there is no need to fear other religions, man or his developments because God has full power. It doesn’t matter how negative or bad life can be because similar to Noah we can go into the ark of God’s consciousness and find protection from the flood of cruel experiences that drown us in unbearable agony.
Beginning with the knowledge of our oneness with a God that is everywhere, we open up and build the consciousness that God is supreme and the source of all there is. This successful attitude shelters us from the flood of negative experiences in life that drag us down and drown us with a tightfisted attitude. Just like Noah followed directions in the midst of his troubles to build the ark, we can build a balanced state of mind and see the showers of tribulations as a shower of blessings to be stronger. When we dwell in the consciousness of God as the infinite power then no human, devil or evil can do us harm. God is the one Power, the ALL-powerful and the only Power that we acknowledge, nothing less than Omnipresence. When we’ve come to understand this fact and the interconnectedness of all things, we’ll know love; we’ll know ourselves; and we’ll know peace. Jesus is showing us the way. May we put down the stones of condemnation, open our minds and follow Jesus’ example of love, unity and peace.

Is Jesus the Only Way?

     Jesus said, love your brother so why do we condemn others and express love as if it is a competition? There is nothing to fear, if we walk with the Lord. We don't have to worry so much about others, just about our relationship with the Lord. One God is not going to beat up another God.
     As Christians we define narrow limits for our love and understanding instead of expanding our horrizons together. Many people think Christians are obnoxious ego dominated people haters and not the loving understanding believers in Christ that we are.
Jesus is our Lord and savior so with love we should stop throwing stones at other people without reflecting on ourselves. Jesus died for sinners and people of all types and from all religions. Some Christians want to stone anyone who is different.

Shouldn't We Be Afraid of Satan and Demons?

      Jesus died for all people. God is all powerful so why do we give satan so much power, if we walk with the Lord no demon can hurt us? Let us put down our spears and open our hands and heart to recieve the grace of love. If we let go of our fear, we can enjoy the grace of God and His fellowship with everyone. Satan only has power over the people that let him in their life and mind. The people who concentrate on Satan rather than the strongest force God the Father are giving him power in their lives.
Christ consciousness purifies the image of God in our minds, cures our spiritual blindness and opens our consciousness to the unity of all things. It takes possession of our wills so we no longer remain captive to our desires, passions, compulsions and prejudices. Christ consciousness makes us capable of acting in the productive tranquility of love and spiritual freedom. By teaching us love Jesus perfects our minds in his likeness by conforming us to Christ consciousness. This is more than the imitation of his virtues, but a union of consciousness that makes us the individuals, God intends us to be. To enter into this consciousness we must identify with Christ, the Father and all of his creation in one pure consciousness. To break up old patterns of thought and behavior, we need to open ourselves up to a new consciousness. This consciousness is a power greater than our minds because it created everything around us. Christ consciousness helps us to acquire a new understanding of our unity with God so we deeply sense this unity within ourselves and become aware of the limitless resources of God consciousness and its perfect exchange of life, power and charisma. As our concerns fade away Christ consciousness lifts us out of our problems and minds to experience peace and a sense of joy that completely convinces us that all is well. Christ consciousness is love, an inner tool of power that we carry around, and the more we love the more we will benefit. Becoming aware of it in the world around us and within our own nature will bring remarkable results.

The Bible Says to Follow Only Jesus?

      We live in the world with many people. Jesus walked among the sinners and sick and those were the people he served. He didn't condemn them and he wasn't afraid because he was the only one who would touch lepers. In the beatitudes Jesus said if you feed a person who is hungry you are feeding me and the same for shelter and the other physcial needs too. Jesus is a savior and an example how to live a good life. We are not in a position to judge others and we can't see behind their eyes. The accusations we throw at others with one pointed finger has three fingers pointing back at us. The Bible should be used for inspiration and personal enlightenment not as a weapon to condemn, threaten and push others away. Enjoy God and His creation. He will judge so we don't have to throw such heavy stones.
     It is all about Jesus and love. We should not be Christian bullies throwing quotes at people putting them down, condemning them to hell and calling them names just because they don't belong to our group. This might make our ego big, but it does not make us better Christians. It goes against what Jesus preached and it only drives away people who might be interested in Christ. We should debate the issue rationally, not just cut and paste from a Bible. Jesus preached love which is not condemnation.
The Christian consciousness of acceptance that there is one God and that He created all things as said in the Bible is a conceptual truth that frees the mind to think of God all the time. This should relax the emotions so we can praise everything as good because it came from God. If we are not happy or need to go after others because they don't believe as we do then something is wrong. Enjoying the grace of God and having faith that the Almighty will take care of things helps us so we don't have to be the Hitlers of the World.

Aren't We Suppose To Preach to the World?

      The Bible says preach to the world not condemn everyone in the world. We are not the judge and jury to send people to hell. Are we living in the old testament or new? Rebellion and death is a thing of the past. We need to wake up and live and share a happy life with the people around us and not be such a grouch.
      The Bible tells me to spread God's word to anyone who will listen. God is giving me joy to spread to all good or bad just like the sun shines on all things equally good or bad. Yes, some people put up the umbrella of ego to block God's word, but that is no reason to throw stones at them.

    We can be positive, loving and happy anywhere we hang out. We don't have to let other people bring us down to a lower level of consciousness. We have a loving God. If we witness God with love and full of grace, we won't care to witness anything that will make us fall from that grace. We all have fallen so we know how hard it is to get up again.

How Do You Know You Are in His Grace and Not Fallen?

     Thinking positive our God is a loving God and when we make an effort to live a good life, follow the Lord and help others, He showers us with grace. Surrendering our negativity to God the Father, opens our mind to the quiet influence of love and the calm certainty of peace. This permits the mind to love permitting it to become filled with the Lord's grace and for it to witness God enveloping everything and everyone. This consciousness of love that Jesus exemplified brings a sense of peace, joy and love.
God the Father is like the sun because He dispels the dark ignorance in the world. Even the moon is full when it faces the sun, as we are full when we encounter the Lord, but if the shadow of the earth becomes central to the full moon and the sun, an eclipse takes place. An eclipse of the mind ocurs, if any feeling of the self casts a shadow on the experience the mind is having with the pure consciousness of the Lord. This fall from witnessing, I would call a fall from grace.
      Selfishness is like the force of gravity, it pulls us down; therefore, to surmount it reveals a state of grace or selflessness that establishes one in the consciousness of love. This implies a passionate knowledge of one's unity with all, which Jesus illustrated to us by laying down his life for our souls. The love Jesus showed is naturally creative and includes everyone. When we work selflessly for Christ, we experience his grace and the positive love of his all-pervading consciousness.

Can a homosexual be a Christian?

Yes, gay and lesbian Chrisitans do exist. Divorced heterosexuals, alcholholics and some gluttons are also Christians. The church does not marry people, they marry each other so why do we deny people comfort in their time of need. The church use to excommunicate divorcees at a time when they needed the church more than ever. We need to dismantle the thoughts and ideas that separate us and make us afraid to love each other. Christianity is love not the dogmatism, hate and separation that we have today. Homosexuals do not affect my marriage, but they can affect my spirituality if I don't show them the love and respect they deserve as a child of God.

Easier Said than Done?

     Yes, we need to remember that things and people have a purpose in being the way they are. Whatever we don't like in another is usually something we are afraid of within our own mind. While we are resisting something inside, we don't like to see it in other people, but this doesn’t make it wrong and we don't need to make judgments about it to make it true because that only makes it right for us and wrong for others.
      Acceptance is the key because when we accept others, we accept ourselves and are not disturbed with the things around us; we notice that these things have a purpose in being the way they are. When you experience Jesus Christ and his pure consciousness and feel a part of life, you notice that it does not matter if something is good or bad because everything makes a difference in life. Therefore, acceptance must be practiced by observing life without judgment, living in the present moment, not attached to memories of the past nor attached to schemes for the future. Acceptance does not punish or reward a man because it is simply to help one live with happiness, health, success, sorrow, disease and failure. It helps us live in harmony with Nature's Laws, observing the law of cause and effect in perfect harmony with one's individual demands; therefore, the way to change our condition in life is to change our mind about life. Cheerful, constructive thoughts set in motion vibrations that bring us good results such as happiness, kindness and love. They propel us forward and upward, physically, mentally and spiritually because our thoughts, feelings, and attitudes provide the cause for the effects that we experience in the outer world.

Christians should study other religions

The great personalities that have reached the higher layers of their mind don't have to give sermons because their hearts speak volumes to the listener. The speaker and the listener at this level become one mind and hold a mutual love and respect for each other because the realizations that arise from this mutual consciousness are taken into the bloodstream and become a part of the listener's life and being. More is learned from this person's disposition and character than from what is said.
The elevated beings who have reached the higher layers of the mind are not members of any particular faith alone, but are spiritual aspirants from all faiths and denominations. The thing that distinguishes them from other people is their understanding of the nature of their souls and their knowledge. They obtain compassion for others and develop communion with everything in the all-pervading consciousness that surrounds us. Just as bees yearn for the nectar from various flowers, we should absorb the ideas from these varied men and women from all the different faiths to enable us to appreciate our own faith better.