Christian Enlightenment

Christian Enlightenment is a movement to bridge the gap that exists between Christians and non-Christians. It is a concept which means being illuminated by acquiring new wisdom or understanding. While Fundamentalist go on the path of Inquisition, Christian Enlightenment will take the road of unity and silent contemplation. I see it as a spiritual journey through the mountains, valleys, jungles and deserts of our minds. A journey to Christ consciousness beyond time, space, and words that can't be described so it hints at the different levels of consciousness that can be reached spiritually. Looking into the meanings of scripture I think we can form a new concept of life, which helps form a new humanity on the individual, Christian and community level.

In Christian Enlightenment individual Christians find that Jesus is always present in consciousness. While Christian Churches put God in peoples' hearts, Christian Enlightenment puts hearts in God. It gives a wider angle of vision so institutionalize doesn't mean fossilize because the individual is still growing. The oil of enlightenment is put in the latern by Jesus, but supplied by God the Father. This enlightenment guides individual Christians to their station in life, helping them understand their goals, Christ, the meaning of self, and the world. A sacred fire within enlightenment illuminates the secrets of the heart and the knowledge of the mind. This is for spiritual aspirants seeking a deeper more fullfilling relationship with God. The purpose is for the spiritual aspirant to see and feel love so when it calls it can be followed. The light of Christ consciousness helps one witness the different levels of love all around so we walk closer to Christ on our spiritual journey to God. It guides us on the path with new wisdom and understanding bridging the gap that exists between Christians and non-Christians. By understanding our body, mind, and spirit one better understands and functions in a world of human relationships.  Enlightenment gives a new concept of life, which helps form a new humanity on the individual and community level, changing lives for the better.

Enlightenment is the knowledge of the soul, which knows health, happiness, and the best path for us to take because the knowledge comes from within the person it is guiding. It works through our intellect to expand our perceptions so we can evolve spiritually, grow stronger, and not do harm. Enlightenment starts in the intellect, but leads to our intuition and it shows us how to respond to the new perceptions beyond the five senses. Of course the ego doesn't want to listen to another guide and denies hearing anything beyond the senses. It doesn't want to lose control and doesn't regard the  new knowledge from intuition as useful so we don't submit to the message.

Enlightenment helps the mind in the midst of daily activities to be conscious of the soul. The mind needs this enlightenment to understand the different states of consciousness that one goes through daily while engaging in external actions. The soul is not physical, but it is the force of our being and enlightenment. Being aware of the soul activates all the potentialities of our being and mind so we become whole, content, happy, and productive. A stable mind unwavering, steady and self contained is the source of bliss to all who come into contact with it. The value of self-knowledge and enlightenment is that it brings the mind or unit consciousness to a greater consciousness that is joyful, peacefull, sharp and content. It helps us in our daily life because it shows us the big picture of life.

Enlightenment permits us to receive information from our soul and other souls to guide us to happiness. We are never separate from our soul that enlightens, but we are not aware of it, the enlightenment from above or the bliss that could benefit us. Enlightenment is a process of receiving guidance through many channels including our intuition. We need this truth and guidance in the same way we need food, shelter, affection and love.

Just as we are taught to develop our mind and intellect, we can learn to utilize our intuition to recieve guidance. Understanding the mind, and the emotions and their physical cleansing leads to enlightenment of the soul. Then one is made aware of the intuition and can respond to it. Intuition and enlightenment are percetions beyond our mind and five senses that assist us on our journey to bliss.