Title "Evolution of Consciousness"
Subtitle "The Ultimate Christian Goal"
Author John Kuykendall


A book that explains the science of Christian mysticism is "Evolution of Consciousness" by John Kuykendall. It is a journey to a personal experience with Christ that goes through the layers of the mind and the parts of the mind. It transforms God from being an object to an actual spiritual experience.

 The book �Evolution of Consciousness� expands the mind with Christian wisdom, philosophy and spiritual psychology to go beyond the limitations in the religious concepts presented today to calm and ground your mind and initiate deep internal healing. With the ability to change our lives for the better "Evolution of Consciousness" is a journey towards unity and a new way of living. Its uniqueness lies in its psychospiritual development where religion and science strengthen each other's belief to provide the highest level of health and well being.

"Evolution of Consciousness" is appealing in particular because it explains the Christian mysteries so everyone can understand them. The book evolves in stages as the reader is taken on a transforming journey through the layers of the mind, the parts of the mind and evolution. Among the themes explored are: Christ Consciousness, Trinity, and the Soul. It answers many questions and leads one to Christian Mysticism. I would recommend "Evolution of Consciousness" as a resource for spiritual renewal because the book outlines, with specific and practical guidelines, a life any person in the world�no matter their station�might adopt with great benefit. Here is ancient Christian wisdom written so contemporary Christians may understand.


"Evolution of Consciousness" nominated for the Melcher Book Award.

 This book is dedicated to providing the intellect a richer inner life on a path to spiritual awareness unfolding the self by understanding matter, mind, and spirit. It clears up the world that intersects science and Christianity so they are both correct in their theory of evolution. It views the universe with cutting edge comprehension and integrates body, mind and spirit to form the harmony needed in life to transform a healing experience into a grounded presence. �Evolution of Consciousness� is a book that merits serious and quality attention.

John Kuykendall's new Book 316 pages, "The Science of Christian Mysticism"