One Manifest To Many And Evolves To One

The oneness of everything in pure consciousness manifest itself into many in matter and then returns back again to the unity of pure consciousness to complete the cycle of evolution. The scientists and the Christian mystics are both correct in their statements about evolution, but differ only in the way they talk about their different stages. Instead of being opponents in trying to popularize their different hypothesis, they complement each other, each faction making a contribution to the whole. The book "Evolution of Consciousness"  incorporates each faction's thoughts into a more complete synthesis where they are both correct. The Christian theologians explain evolution from pure consciousness to matter while the scientists explain evolution from matter back to pure consciousness. They are both explaining different sides of the same theory. The Christians use abstract symbols in the first half of the model because it is beyond the mind while scientists use concrete examples in the second half of the equation because their evolution is about matter, a concrete substance. It is similar to a circle where the Christians use the first half and the scientists use the second half to explain evolution. Below is a diagram of this circle. It shows how pure consciousness which is beyond duality is one and undivided until it takes on more and more qualities. This pure consciousness takes on qualities until it becomes matter, which can be divided thus becoming two. This model then shows how matter which can be divided evolves back to pure consciousness where it is once again one and undivided. A detailed explanation of this theory of evolution of pure consciousness to matter and back to pure consciousness is in the book.

The Bible’s explanations on creation are concerned largely with the abstract world, which is the world we cannot see. The scientists on the other hand have observed and explained the concrete natural laws of the physical universe. The creative consciousness cannot be seen with natural eyes, but its visible qualities can be observed from the natural events surrounding us. Therefore, by beholding the phenomenon of the universe we can conceive of an eternal power even if, it is not seen by our physical eyes. The pure consciousness behind the scenes is not static, but is constantly being manifest in a series of steps. These emanations lead away from its center to the outer extremes where matter is manifest. Even though God consciousness is invisible it is still the world of cause. The created universe as projected in the physical world is the visible world of effect where matter is at the lowest point of this manifestation, but it is still the result of pure consciousness.