Benefits of Christian Mysticism
  • Christian Mysticism will enhance the spiritual experience providing a solid foundation for any religion.
  • A calm mind that is profound and effective will discern life's great mysteries and overflow with spiritual bliss.
  • It will enrich the mind, rectify the heart, nourish the inner light and cultivate virtue.
  • Mysticism replaces judgement with kindness
  • It will enlarge on the traditional boundaries of Christianity and science so banal minds don't diminish Christ or weaken scriptural thought that is incomplete.
  • Understanding the meaning of man, the mystery of God and the evolutionary process helps interpret Christianity to embrace all that is good with the best characteristics of our age.
  • A change in consciousness is linked to healing and growth so the mind and body are energized.
  • It helps to initiate the Christ nature with a bright shining mind and a sincere, tranquil heart
The first commandment is “I am the Lord thy God and thou shall not have strange Gods before Me.” This is the basis for the conviction that there is only one God, a belief that leads to the knowledge of unity, which once accomplished influences and helps us in our daily lives. There is only one God appearing before us, and this one God is for everyone embodying the secrets for successful living in His all-pervading consciousness. In the awareness of God’s omnipresence we realize that God is all loving and always present so there is no need to fear either man or his developments because God has full power. It doesn’t matter how negative or bad life can be because similar to Noah we can go into the ark of God’s all pervading consciousness and find protection from the flood of cruel experiences that drown us in unbearable agony. The vigilance to stay in the ark of pure consciousness takes discipline, but satisfies our basic spiritual need by acting as a counter-weight to the ever increasing nervous, mental and physical tensions in modern life. This counteraction to the deterioration caused by our daily fight for survival helps us to grow healthier and more relaxed as we become calm, less inclined to agitation, frustration and a bad frame of mind. Therefore, the reassuring first step to know the meaning of God is to develop the conscious awareness of His omnipresence, which is ancient and as modern as the space age. Dedication to the recognition of this one God as an art and the unity of all things in His consciousness as a science will eliminate the stress and hustle of modern life.